LARSSON Company Profile Fake

“Larsson Elevator Brand builded in 2009, originated from Germany with a long history. Now is one of the biggest elevator exporters in China. We have R&D center(in Germany), Sales Department, Factories, Installation Team, Support Team. Until now, we have sold, installed and served 4,500 elavators and escalators of over 1,000 projects in 60+ countries.”

The company profile on the LARSSON official website is fake.

LARSSON has no factory, no manufacturing license, no R&D center, and has nothing to do with Germany. From 2013 to 2020, The company’s total export sales were less than 1,000 units. In China, LARSSON is even less well-known and has no domestic market share at all. The total number of employees in the company is 10-15, which export about 100 elevators per year.

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    Not sure what good it will do or even if Larsson will care but their degree of service and business practice is abominable. They appear to have only one installer who to say the least is less than competent, among other things, I suspect he produced a counterfeit $US100 note in exchange for Australian currency which although I honoured I have been unable to recoup , the work installing the lift is quite unsatisfactory and probably illegal in some countries. Larsson’s also have a doubtful warranty record, any attempts to extract warranty services being ignored.

    I would also suggest the company is less than trustworthy when it comes to trading. They effectively use Glarie as their supplier although even though that is open to interpretation and claim they make the lifts themselves which is patently untrue. They source some parts, presumably from Glarie and others from other Chinese and international lift companies, so effectively you are buying a Glarie hybrid without the authenticity that company asserts.

    The other thing that is disappointing is that there are no service agencies anywhere in the world that will even consider servicing a Larsson Lift. If nothing else that speaks volumes for their reputation in the industry. Larsson now trade out of India having been expelled from Suzhou presumably because of their continued infringement of Glaries’ intellectual property rights claiming the lifts as their own, which according to the web they still do according to the site they now use the original Larsson lift web site being closed down

    As with many Chinese companies, not all, Larssons are dishonest they take your money give you a product and then refuse to honour any warranty agreements. Their lifts do not comply with Australian Standards, the certification they provide is bogus some of the certificates belong to Glarie others to who knows who. They are also dishonest takin g money for services they obviously have no intention of providing like supplying two installers and only sending one and then charging me an air fare to get the lift fixed when the lift broke down after only two weeks operation. The “fix” by the way was, according to a well-known lift company engineer, extremely dangerous and had the potential to allow the lift to operate without any of the safety measures provided by Monarch the world renown lift controller manufacturer. Monarch themselves have disavowed any relationship with Larrsons because of their cavalier use of Monarch’s, products and name. Equally Montanari the drive technology company of Shanghai have also disavowed any association with Larssons

    In short nobody should deal with this company they do not provide a product that is reliable and of good quality or meet international standards and they are dishonest

    Larssons are crooks and should not be allowed to sell their products internationally a fact I suspect the Chinese government is well aware thus the set up of operations in India another suspect international exporter of doubtful electronic equipement .

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