LARSSON Elevator Co., Ltd. Review

LARSSON Headquarters
Add: Xinshang Commercial Plaza, Tower B-409 (No. 168 Xiangcheng Avenue), Suzhou, China

LARSSON Elevator Co., Ltd. is an elevator & escalator trading company based in Suzhou, China. It started overseas business since 2013. The main OEM factories before 2018 are GLARIE, VONK, HANSON, AUTORS, after 2018 mainly AUTORS. About 100 elevators & escalators are exported each year. The company employs about 10-15 people and has nothing to do with Germany.

In 2018, LARSSON Elevator experienced a collective departure of core members. The departures include the Marketing & Sales Director, Sales Team Leader, Technical Support Manager. The reason was the company has replaced the main OEM factories from GLARIE to Vonk to increase profits and has not paid much attention to after-sales service. As a result, a considerable number of elevators caused after-sales problems.

“LARSSON” as an elevator brand does not belong to the company (in China), so the company’s logo can only be represented by a red triangle graphic. The triangle graphic was also not successfully registered as a trademark in China.

After 2018, the owner of the company strengthened cooperation with Autors Elevator Co., Ltd., one of the OEM manufacturers, using the same sales team to conduct overseas business in the name of two different companies and two different websites ( and

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LARSSON Company Profile Fake

“Larsson Elevator Brand builded in 2009, originated from Germany with a long history. Now is one of the biggest elevator exporters in China. We have R&D center(in Germany), Sales Department, Factories, Installation Team, Support Team. Until now, we have sold, installed and served 4,500 elavators and escalators of over 1,000 projects in 60+ countries.”

The company profile on the LARSSON official website is fake.

LARSSON has no factory, no manufacturing license, no R&D center, and has nothing to do with Germany. From 2013 to 2020, The company’s total export sales were less than 1,000 units. In China, LARSSON is even less well-known and has no domestic market share at all. The total number of employees in the company is 10-15, which export about 100 elevators per year.

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